He Is Risen
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a vital Doctrine in Christianity. In fact, without the Resurrection, Paul tells us that our faith would be useless! (1 Corinthians 15:14)
I am convinced beyond measure that Christ has risen from the dead! Are you?
Let me share with you some facts of Christ’s resurrection…
#1 The Empty Tomb
When they went to the tomb on Sunday morning, after His death…it was empty! This is a very BIG deal when we stop and consider the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ death and the precautions taken to make sure that the tomb would not be empty.
#2 The Disciples Were Scared
Some have said that the disciples went to the tomb, broke the Roman seal, and removed the body of Jesus while the 16 guards who were standing post were all asleep. This is unlikely!
Remember something about these disciples: after Jesus death, they were running scared!
To make the argument that these men in the midst of their grief, faithlessness and fear gathered enough courage to go to the tomb and face-off against a trained Roman guard stretches the bounds of belief.
#3 The Effect on the Lives of the Disciples
These men went from running scared to being fearless leaders proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus as eyewitnesses…even in the face of torture and persecution!
What could have accounted for this change? Having seen the resurrected Christ!
The very one whom they witnessed being killed and placed in a tomb appeared unto them and proclaimed that they no longer had to fear physical death, because eternal life was a reality.
The change was so intense, that even the Jewish leaders proclaimed that these men had been with Jesus!
#4 The Eyewitnesses to Christ’s Resurrection
The Bible clearly teaches that in order for something to be determined true; it must be witnessed by two or three people.
Well, Jesus’ resurrection ministry was witnessed by well over 500 men and women!
I would think this would settle the Bible’s demands!
#5 The Existence of Christianity Today
There are people reading this post today whose lives have been changed due to the power of the resurrected Lord Jesus in their lives. This faith has been passed down through the generations and by the Word of God from the very first disciples.
Please understand…Christianity would have never made it outside the 1st Century if the resurrection were not true.
Is it really important for us to believe the resurrection of Jesus? YES!!!!!
The resurrection is essential to Christianity because it proves that Jesus was who He claimed to be: God in the flesh.
If Jesus did not rise…then He was not God
If He is not God…then eternal life is not available to us
If there is no resurrection…there is no hope
Praise God…the resurrection is real!!!
If we put our trust in Jesus, we will not only be forgiven of our sins, we will also be able to lived a fulfilled life here on earth. When we die, we will experience an eternal home in heaven, forever in the presence of God!